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Professional Architectural & Commercial Building Photographers

Our small 'in-house' photography team, blends art & science to ensure we capture the emotion of your commercial space. As former developer/designer our founders James, understands how architects, building surveyors & commercial agents look at a building's narrative, allowing us to recreate the story of your space in the style you want.

We offer premium architectural & commercial property photography for Commercial Agents, Surveyors and Investment Companies, providing premium quality imagery for marketing and brochures both in print and online. 

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Professional Photography for Top Commercial Properties 

Our photography work-flow involves taking multiple exposures (up to 8 per shot) of the same composition, under contrasting lighting conditions. In post production, where the majority of your work is done, we then use up to five design apps in sequence, to produce your final captivating images.


This allows your properties to really stand out from the crowd, in the  exact design style you need.  Ask us about the choice of styling options available for you.

From Architectural Render to Composition

What also sets us apart, is our dedication to photographic composition & styling. We work closely with you, on a consultative basis, to really understand your design visualisations, renders and your target audience. Developing a clear brief around the imagery you need us to produce.

On every shoot, we follow both our photographic brief and heart felt creativity. Enabling us to compose your shots in ways that delivers the highest quality photography.

Showcase Your Building's Unique Qualities

Every commercial space tells a unique story, offering a unique opportunity for potential occupiers to realise their organisational dream. Our goal is to capture the essence of your space, at its absolute best. Enabling your property to stand proud of the competition.

Elevated Mast Photography 

Faster & cheaper than Drones, STORY's Elevated Mast Photography offers a compelling aerial perspective of your commercial property. It is most commonly used to show the curtilage of the site together with important aspects such as car parking, service yard and access. Our High level photography is also used to show the location of your property in relation to amenities, major connecting roads and services. Just ask us for more details.

Fee Guide: Single Party & Cost Sharing


We operate using two basic fees: Creative Fee and Post Production Fee.


Creative Fee 


This component reflects the time and skill it takes to complete the project, including preproduction tasks: Client meetings, advance site visits, and other site-specific preparation. The Creative Fee also includes a boilerplate set of standard licensing rights (Editorial, Trade Show Display, Corporate Brochures, Website, Social Media, Professional Competitions, Trade Magazines, and Wall Display).

Post Production Fee 


After the initial shoot, we spend a significant amount of time editing your images to make them perfect. This can include color correction, retouching, compositing, and preparing master files for final delivery. It is not unusual for the Post Production work to consume as much time as the photography.


Typical Project Example: 8 image shot list

Creative Fee: £650 / day
Post Production: £125 per image 

Total: £1,650




Sharing the cost of a project is a common and valuable practice. It is very beneficial to consider other parties who might benefit from photographs of your project: The owner, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, consultants, tenants, product manufacturers, engineers, etc. We charge a licensing fee for each additional party, then divide the total fee by the number of parties involved, which can lead to huge savings for each client.



Typical Project Example (2 parties): 8 image shot list

Creative Fee: £650/day

Post Production: £125 per image

Additional Party Licensing: £350


Subtotal: £2000 / 2

TOTAL: £1000 / each - Approx £1000 SAVING!


Typical Project Example (4 parties): 8 image shot list

Creative Fee: £650/day
Post Production: £125/image x 8

Additional Party Licensing: £350

Additional Party Licensing: £350

Additional Party Licensing: £350


Subtotal: £2700 / 4

TOTAL: £675 / each

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